Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lawnscaping Embossing Challenge

I wanted to make some cards for this week's lawnscaping challenge because the theme is embossing and I have a jar of embossing paste that I wanted to play with...and I love embossing!

    So, I decided to play the embossing paste + ? game. I used the same scribbly stars stencil from TCW and used Wendi Vecchi's white embossing paste and then I sprinkled embossing paste, distress glitter, sticky embossing powder, and glitter over the paste and let it dry. I took the results of the two I liked best and made these cards. The first card uses paste + sticky embossing powder + gold leafing to create the background. Then I pounced Victorian Velvet and Spun Sugar Distress Stain over the panel to create the background. I also embossed the 'make a wish' sentiment and the small stars with embossing powder. 
On the second card, I used distress ink on white paper first and created the blue tones. Then I added the embossing paste + glow in the dark glitter powder and let it set to dry. I also used the same process on the crescent moon. The card also uses embossing powder on vellum to create the sentiment.

 I hope you like the cards! Thanks for stopping by :)